Monday, 30 November 2015

Full Steam ahead.

Had the good fortune of photographing on Worth Valley railway last weekend,both at Keighley Station and at Ingrow Vintage Carriage museum(links at end) with model Loula Belle on Purpleport. Despite lashing rain We got some great photos and Im very pleased with results seen here.

Vintage Carriages Museum
Model LouLa Belle
Fashion Photography Yorkshire

Sunday, 8 March 2015

New Year new shoots.

Two shoots in a month recently,one with a model Ive worked with many times Daria Pipcynzka,it was a studio shoot in York,I find my studio photography to be hit and miss so was very surprised to see results of this one ,and be happy with results!

Next was a model from Purpleport model forum site :Gabriella,I had use of a nice apartment in Huddersfield which had lots of daylight which came in handy.The shoot was boudoir/lingerie.See a few shots below.

Ive included a screenshot of how I did the processing of this particular image. I don't mess with images too much,just skin adjustments and tweak colors. So here is original picture alongside finished one:

Thanks for portfolio shoots conatct Hairflicksmodelphotography

Monday, 27 January 2014

Model Agency scams

In the rush to set foot in the modelling world and get work,many models are answering adverts that promise "top end client work" for stores such as Top Shop, Next etc. Usually on sites such as Gumtree.Why cant Next recruit models via model agencies who don't need to advertise such as Storm?!
So let's look at one "agency" and point out the tricks to lure unsuspecting models. This is the Ad
Sure to entice the naive starter models for certain no website details,just empty promises.I know of a friend who applied and they wanted her to travel to the agency in London(at her own expense) pay £50 "deposit" for a "free" shoot with hair and make-up provided. Now comes the catch,she would have to pay for her images from the photoshoot! Which is likely to be in the hundreds! Some casting eh?!
Here's more spiel from their company to the model
"Like any reputable agency, we do not charge any fees whatsoever to have models on our books"

Which is the law fair but they wont accept you without attending their own photoshoot and spending almost a thousand pound!
"As for your current crop of images, we are unable to use these due to the fact (that of the professional looking images youve sent), they are not bad images but instead are neither strong or relevant enough Laura."
Quelle suprise! Check out the images on their own website(linked at end)hardly amazing!
 "We need fashion images with range and we do not accept TFPs which it seems your images are also."
TFP =Time for Prints, a trade where neither photographer or model pay and bth get images without restriction. How the agency tell whether girl paid for her shots by just looking is a skill indeed! Why would they not accept them? I think we know why! £££££!
Whilst these companies such as 24-7,Diesel Models,Blue Room Photography,Models Direct etc. may well  get models work,they are making their money from misleading advertising and charging large fees for photo shoots.
 Any model agencies worth anything will not charge you for a photoshoot, nor will they insist you need a portfolio.The best models have been hired from polaroids or snapshots! 
Don't be lured by false promises from flashy websites in London,they only want your cash,and generally will do anything to keep you there until you spend.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lifestyle shoot Manchester

Along with model Rebecca aka Caperucita Roja I decided to try something  different,a little editorial/lifestyle photoshoot. First stop was Piccadilly train station upon within a minute of setting up a pose security ambushed us and we were(wrongly)informed we couldn't take photographs. Not to be beaten we moved up stairs to the bar/cafe areas and did a few loose posed shots there.
Last location you can see in pictures below was the roof of a multi story car park at nearby Media City. On the top level we had the roof to ourselves, using a hotel as a backdrop and the urban landscape we got some good images.
Fashion Photography Yorkshire

Friday, 15 November 2013

1950's Themed shoot

Along with model Viva La Frankie who specialises in vintage styles,I found a unique venue for a charity calendar shoot.  A home that had been converted into a realistic American 50's diner,with jukebox and coca cola machine ,pool table and retro tiled floor. Frankie brought a variety of vintage outfits along with hair and styled make up to create the mood!

A few photos are reproduced here,all in all a great photoshoot. See more on our Facebook page,and click like to be updated of future posts.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Autumn fashion shoot

Had an idea to do a Autumn themed photoshoot at a beach ,wearing fashionable wooly jumpers and such, I recruited Claire Louise a model I've worked with twice previously. I chose Formby beach in Mereyside for it's clean sand dunes and it has a boardwalk that leads to the beach too. Still plenty of dog walkers around,so wasnt as private as I wanted(we did some implied topless shots in the seclusion of  a dune!),as always you get curious looks from passers by but we got some great results.

Please be sure to check out our Facebook page for up to date info on shoots.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer shoots 2

Following on from Claire Asher ,the following week -again on a roasting hot day- I hit the sandy shores of Lytham St Annes near Blackpool to shoot with Rebecca Langtry ,having mentioned doing a bikini shoot with Rebecca a few weeks ago we finally found a mutual date to shoot. Photographing later in the day meant the light was a little more favorable and not as hot. I had seen some beach chalets that would be good for pictures and Rebecca had a nice summer dress that worked perfectly,the colours complimenting the beach hut. Followed that with bikini shoots on the beach and sand dunes.All in all a good two weeks of shoots.If you'd like a photoshoot at reasonable rates please email via website at Fashion modelling website