Monday, 27 September 2010

Victorian theatre shoot

Obtained permission from Leeds Grand Theatre for a model shoot  .I liked the Victorian archeitecture and wanted a mdoel to compliment this. So recruited Model Mayhem member Necromantis(Law)and managed to negotiate narrow aisles and position lighting at the same time. Stage hands were busy setting up for the night's show and came in handy for a mains extension!
The idea was to keep ambient light of the hall with some fill in flash to light Lauren. Time was limited and not all shots worked as hoped, but got some images as seen below I think came out well. Check out more model shoots on the site thanks.
Up in the"Gods" for this next shot, I was juggling lights and tripod whilst trying not to fall off the balcony!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Kick Ass

An unusual model shoot this weekend, the girl who came down for a  model fashion shoot  was a part time Thai Boxer!! Or Kick boxer in general terms, although she is a sweet and friendly girl and hard to picture her kicking hell out of someone!
 I tried some different style of shots and processing on the final shots,see what you think.

We did a few shots of Lauren wearing her Kick boxing attire too, dangerous girl! :)

                                       See more of Lauren on fashion model portfolios gallery.
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