Sunday, 8 March 2015

New Year new shoots.

Two shoots in a month recently,one with a model Ive worked with many times Daria Pipcynzka,it was a studio shoot in York,I find my studio photography to be hit and miss so was very surprised to see results of this one ,and be happy with results!

Next was a model from Purpleport model forum site :Gabriella,I had use of a nice apartment in Huddersfield which had lots of daylight which came in handy.The shoot was boudoir/lingerie.See a few shots below.

Ive included a screenshot of how I did the processing of this particular image. I don't mess with images too much,just skin adjustments and tweak colors. So here is original picture alongside finished one:

Thanks for portfolio shoots conatct Hairflicksmodelphotography

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